IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT–THE Phillip H. McMath Post Publication Book Awards will not Occur in 2022–below are the rules for the continuation of the award in 2023



The Phillip H. McMath Post Publication Book Award is open for nominations between February 1 and October 15, 2023 (postmark deadline).  Beginning in 2020, we will offer two awards, one for prose and one for poetry. We encourage you to read our guidelines below before submitting.

The mission of the Phillip H. McMath Book Award is to:

  • honor the contributions of Phillip H. McMath to the Arkansas literary community
  • highlight, and promote stellar books by emerging writers
  • identify authors who can serve as role models for our students
  • to develop the Arkansas Writer’s MFA Workshop Resource Fund

Eligible Submissions:

Any publisher, author, agent or any legal representative or an author may enter full-length books published in the 2020 calendar year. Submissions may be made in ANY GENRE.  Submissions may NOT be self-published.  Entering the title indicates the author’s willingness to attend and give a reading at the UCA Arkatext Literary Festival in Spring 2024.

While we will award prizes for both poetry and prose every year from now on, beginning in 2021 with poetry, poetry and prose winners will be invited to the festival in alternating years.  If the author is unable to attend the literary festival, the award will not be granted to the author and another recipient will be chosen.

The following people are ineligible for the award: students at the University of Central Arkansas, alumni of the University of Central Arkansas, authors who have had books published by publishing houses that are currently operated by UCA MFA faculty or who operate presses that have published current MFA faculty, faculty who have taught at the University of Central Arkansas within the previous five years, employees of the state of Arkansas, and spouses, partners, relatives, or recent former students(within the past five years) of current faculty in the Department of Writing at the University of Central Arkansas.

Additional Requirements:

  • All work must be submitted in English.
  • Each book must be a self-contained entity.
  • No anthologies, collaborations, however, are acceptable. Honorariums will then be split evenly.
  • Agents and publishers who submit on behalf of the author, please notify the writer that their work is under consideration for the award.

To enter:

Send a copy of the book, along with a check for $25 (make check’s payable to UCA Foundation)  and a cover sheet with the following information:

Title of Work

Author’s Name and Address

Author’s Email Address and Phone Number

Publisher’s Name and Address

Publisher’s Email Address and Phone

Publication Date (only books published in 2022 are eligible)

Submit to the following address by October 15, 2023 (postmark):

Phillip H. McMath Book Award

Department of Writing

University of Central Arkansas

201 Donaghey Ave Thompson 303

Conway, AR 72035

Please direct any questions to Stephanie Vanderslice, stephv@uca.edu

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