Publications listed by writer’s name

Benjamin C. Roy Cory Garrett
Black Unicorn Press
I F’d Up, an autobiographic anthology
Janky Daze, a chapbook of poetry
S6 Press
Burning Men, a chapbook of poetry
“Patriarchy, Masculinity and War within A Proper Marriage”
Second International Doris Lessing Conference, Leeds Metropolitan University, Leeds, England, July 2007
“Feminist hopes and fears for a re-imagined me: How refusing to be a man enabled me to become one.”
Annual Truman State University WGST Conference, Kirksville, Missouri, April 2009
“The trials and failures of being Benjamin C. Roy Cory Garrett: Excerpts from I F’d Up”
Annual Truman State University WGST Conference, Kirksville, Missouri, January 2015

Audrey Carroll

“Hidden Prayer” Hermeneutic Chaos Literary Journal March 2015

Becca Hawk

This is Traverse City Excerpts (illustrated narrative), Cahoodaloodaling #15, Winter 2015;
Definitions (flash fiction), Fiction Southeast, Forthcoming; Across the booth at Steak-n-Shake, 4 AM (poem), Festival Writer 2.6: Sestinas Special Issue, July 2014;
Beards I’ve Known (flash fiction series), Juked (web), May 2014;

Friend Zone VI (poem); Refractory & From Row G (cover art), Scissors and Spackle #12, Winter 2014

John Mitchel

Death Tells Me Jokes: Poems by John Mitchel ELJ Publications 2015
“A Corndog for the Almighty God” featured in the anthology Long Distance Drunks: A Tribute to Charles Bukowski

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