A message from MFA Candidate Heather Breed Steadham:

As a second year candidate at the three-year Arkansas MFA Writers Program, we’re working to increase our diversity, and the Graduate Writers Association has pushed to make a new opportunity available to writers of color. Here’s the official spiel: The Graduate Writers Association of the Arkansas MFA Writers Program, in an effort to increase diversity in our program’s currently most critically needed area, is offering application fee reimbursements to the first ten applicants of color in creative writing, regardless of genre. Deadline has been extended to March 1. For more information about the program, please visit the website at http://uca.edu/writing/mfa/. For more information about the fee reimbursement scholarship, please email me, Heather Steadham, Diversity Committee Chair, at heather.steadham@gmail.com.
One of the cool things about our program is the opportunity to work at the National Magazine Award-winning Oxford American! And we’re totally encouraged to publish tons–I’ve done quite a bit in creative nonfiction in the last year. And one of our top selling points is that if you want to teach, this is seriously the place to be: nationally recognized pedagogy expert Stephanie Vanderslice is our Program Director. Anyway, holler at me. I really hope to hear from you guys. And best of luck on your journey, folks. It’s a wild ride.

Heather Breed Steadham, Arkansas Writer’s MFA Workshop ’17

A Message from the Program Director

MFA program diversity is an incredibly complicated, nuanced subject that requires a similar approach, or so it seems.  The lack of diversity in our program and in most others has always troubled me and is something I had been trying to approach through the development of scholarships and by staying abreast of the issues, especially  through the many important essays published recently on the subject.  So when our Graduate Writer’s Association came to me with the same concerns and a plan to address them, I was impressed.  They were ahead of me on the subject. They had a plan and they knew we had to start somewhere, the sooner the better.

Stephanie Vanderslice



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