This week’s session of meet the MFAs features Mark Lager and Heather Steadham of the third class.

Pictured: Mark and Heather reading from an original play by Shua Miller.

Mark Lager

Mark “Spanakopita Queso Fundido” Lager is a graduate of Truman State University, with a B.A. in English & a B.A. in Philosophy/Religion. He hails from the south side of St. Louis, Missouri. Although most of his writing has been poetry and sundry fragments, he does not necessarily have a preferred form. His favorite poets/poems include the Welshmen Vernon Watkins (Cypress and Acacia) & Dylan Thomas, Apollinaire’s Alcools, and Rilke. His favorite novel is Thomas Mann’s Magic Mountain. The first book which influenced him was Ray Bradbury’s Halloween Tree.

His poem “Pocahontas, Arkansas: June 2, 2001” is forthcoming in the spring or summer 2015 issue of Chiron Review.

Pictured: Mark rocking sunglasses and thinking deep, poetic thoughts.

Heather Steadham

Three of the following four statements are true: Heather Steadham, a writer of primarily creative nonfiction, currently studies at the University of Central Arkansas, hoping one day to earn her Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, then move to New York where she will seek her destiny of becoming head writer at Saturday Night Live; Heather Steadham, a married mother of three, just returned to Arkansas after living for four years in Naples, Italy, where the fertile volcanic soil contributed to the birth of a post-vasectomy baby; Heather Steadham, a former teen pageant queen, has worked more than 25 jobs, ranging from Toys R Us peon to nonprofit theatre director to sexual abstinence educator (none of which she enjoyed so much as her one-time stint singing and dancing onstage with the Beach Boys at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas); Heather Steadham likes asparagus.

An Editorial Intern at two award-winning publications (the Oxford American and the Toad Suck Review), Heather Steadham has had five publications in the last year: “The Russian Bride,” the cover story for the February 12 issue of the Arkansas Times; “Geography of a Footlocker,” which placed third in New Wave and the Art’s Second Chance Contest; “She Can Go Home Again” and “Where Being Strong, Smart, and Bold Can Get You—To the Best Seats!” in Entertainment Fort Smith (the Premier Magazine of Events, Culture, and Living in Fort Smith, Arkansas); and “Just One of the Family” in The Read (Arkansas’s Premier LGBTQ Newspaper).

Pictured: Heather thinks the regal thoughts of the modern creative nonfiction writer

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