Audrey T. Carroll is a graduate of Susquehanna University’s Creative Writing program. She grew up in Queens, New York, which explains why she is a Mets fan. Though she dabbled in every writing form, her passion lies with novels. When she is not cranking one out or driving herself into madness with editing, she enjoys reading, baking, needlepointing, and creating videos about video games. Her stories have previously appeared in The Red Fez Review, The Legendary, The Blue Route, and others. Some of her biggest writing influences include Truman Capote, Flannery O’Connor, Margaret Atwood, Kristin Cashore, Gail Carson Levine, and Stephen King. She is still trying to get over the fact that she was able to have Billy Collins sign her copy of his book, see The Colbert Report filmed live, and watch Bill Clinton give a speech all within a matter of months.


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