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After eighteen years in production, and ten years under contract, UCA Creative Writing Professor Mark Spitzer’s literary translation of Blaise Cendrars’ Films sans images has just been released from Green Integer Books, Los Angeles/Copenhagen. Films without Images is a collection of three historical radio plays broadcast on French National Radio in the 1950’s. The subject matter includes Gilles de Rais, the monstrous fifteenth-century baron who rode at the side of Joan of Arc; the events in Sarajevo that led to the start of World War I; and the infamous scandal-monger Pietro Aretino, the popular Venetian poet who sold his praise for sixteenth-century bling. This highly researched work of scholarship and creativity will soon be celebrated in the English language as an important chapter in the ouevre of the iconic writer Blaise Cendrars, now canonized  in the annals of contemporary French authors.

Films without Images marks the second book Mark Spitzer has published this academic year, the dystopian YA novel Monstropocolypse Opus IV (Twilight Times Books) being the first. Spitzer’s memoir After the Octopus will be released later this year from The Black Mountain Press, and he has also been offered a contract for his creative nonfiction collection Return of the Gar by the University of North Texas Press.

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