Pictured from left: Jobe, John Mitchel, Lynne Landis, Louie “the Kid” Land, Stacey Jones, Scotty Lewis

The Arkansas Writers Program is one of the finest MFAs in the country. With a world class staff, comprehensive course roster, training in pedagogy, the award-winning Toad Suck Review, and a great and diverse roster of MFA students, the Arkansas Writers Program is a force to be reckoned with. This program is truly on the rise and will soon take its place among the giants. Recently the current MFA students were interviewed about their experience so far and why they believe you should attend the Arkansas Writers Program.

“We are a diverse bunch of word lovers and thankfully the decision makers picked a group of individuals who somehow mesh despite differences. We all share excitement, awe at this opportunity, an abundance of care from our leaders, and raw talent….oh and John Mitchel goes there, whoever the heck that is….”-Lynne Landis

“There is a great ratio of faculty to students and they mix very well. Each of us brings something so different to the table so class feels like a raucous good time, like when all the weirdest family misfits get together for Thanksgiving.”-Jobe

“When I started applying for MFA programs, I was warned by mentors and friends who had been through the MFA process that students in writing programs are often petty, overly political and mercilessly competitive. I am pleased to say I found the absolute opposite here. My classmates know how to critique my work without bringing me down. They don’t critique so they can climb the ladder and take my place. There is no scramble to be king of the MFA shit heap, only a collective, cohesive desire to better one another through shared experience, hard work and unceasing support.”-Louie Land

“As in all endeavors, what you gain depends a lot on what you invest. That being said, the atmosphere here is incredible. It’s rare to find a group of teachers and students who are so mutually interested in each other’s creativity and success. If you apply, be sure to get in touch with some of the students in our inaugural class. We’ll be happy to show you around.
Another great thing going here is the emphasis on publication. There is the chance to work on the award-winning Toad Suck Review and students even start their own avant garde magazines. Louie and John founded 3 Bottles Press and have their first issues of Angel on the Freeway: A Magazine of the Arts coming out in December.”-Scott Lewis

“The Arkansas Writers Program provides a diverse cast and interesting support group. It is wonderful to be around so many alike minds that manage to retain a truly unique identity. We have writers in a myriad of genres and no two students or faculty are doing the same thing. I really like that I can take fiction workshops even though I am a declared poet. The Arkansas Writers Program is the most supportive and hardest working group of writers I have ever come across and I am proud to be a part of it.”-John Mitchel

“UCA provides a nurturing community of professors, staff and undergraduates, along with the graduate cohort, and it’s a wonderful setting to write, and explore your potential among those who want you to succeed.”-Stacey Jones

Still not convinced? Look for what the faculty have to say soon! Remember the deadline to apply for the Arkansas Writers Program is February 1, 2013.

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