Jasmine Jobe is the resident Creative Nonfiction Writer with a personality as colorful as her hair. Jobe has lived in numerous places including Southern California, Hawaii, Kansas City, Missouri; Illinois, Tokyo, Japan; New Mexico, Colorado, and the current Arkansas. While she assures the department these sporadic moves have almost nothing to do with the witness protection program her peers maintain their suspicions.

Jobe primarily writes Creative Nonfiction, but reads from other genres and highly recommends the novel Fledgling by Octavia Butler. If given the chance Jobe would love to have an opportunity to have dinner with the following five people: Stephen Hawkings, Skrillex, Alice Liddell, Data, and Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor.

When asked about her influences as a writer Jobe cited her earliest influences as the science fiction writers Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, and Arthur C. Clarke. Around her high school years Jobe transitioned to an interest in horror reading authors Anne Rice and Clive Barker, and of course, Edgar Allan Poe. She maintains a healthy respect for the work of Stephen King, but finds his work frightening and does not enjoy reading it for that reason. It was during her horror phase that Jobe discovered the great graphic novelists Neil Gaimon, Alan Moore, Frank Miller, and David Mack. In her college years Jobe had her “mind blown” by writers Murakami Haruki, James Joyce, Jacqueline Carey. She also enjoys the work of Sei Shonagun and Anais Nin and would like to write a pillow book in a similar style. She respects the works of Orson Scott Card and John C. Wright despite her political differences with the aforementioned authors. She cites all of these writers with the caveat “I don’t know if the way I write is similar in style to any of these, but those are a few I enjoy.”


Jobe’s favorite pieces of literature are the poem Here, Bullet by Brian Turner. She holds the “everything ever” by William Blake and Basho on her top tier. Jobe has read countless short stories and when asked about her favorites she says that Yellow Wallpaper, Brokeback Mountain, An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge stick out in her mind, but if reminded she would probably have other favorites as well. Her favorite nonfiction book is Tea Life, Tea Mind by Soshitu Sen XV.

Jobe began writing because she is in her words “both-brained” and relies (according to the highly esteemed internet tests) on each side of her brain nearly equally. Jobe has always been highly visual and kinesthetic with a strong love of language. Writing appeals to her because it engages both sides of the brain simultaneously – “bringing order and discipline” to her “associative thinking while infusing imagination” to her “ritualistic needs.”


Fitting with her eclectic personality, Jobe has a broad taste in music. She currently finds herself enamored with Dubstep particularly with artists such as Bass Nectar, Black Violin, and the stylings coming out of the dance group La Preuve. She also enjoys music from Antonio Carlos Jobim to Miyavi to Joanna Newsom to Scroobius Pip. She prefers music that she can move to and selects MIA for her soundtrack to cleaning and Dubstep for getting her focused to accomplish her on the job tasks.


As her taste in music might hint at Jobe enjoys most dance movies of the recent era. Among other favorite pieces of film she loves A Knight’s Tale, Serenity, and Inception. Her favorite film is The Secretary. Jobe enjoys “triumphant tales of self-discovery” and “abhors films that tell only of suffering” such as Melancholia.


Jobe has numerous hobbies outside of her writing life loving ballet, enjoying singing, and liking to create collages. She is “awesome at spelling” and “treats hair and makeup like visual art projects.” In the future, Jobe would love to learn to create her own clothes or have enough money to hire a personal tailor. While she has never actively participated in Burlesque or Roller Derby she believes both would be interesting additions to her repertoire of hobbies. Jobe enjoys being with large groups of positive people, her family, friends and her dog Scout. Due to her “OCD tendencies” Jobe enjoys cleaning and organizing. In her spare time Jobe appreciates healthy debates and discussions with people of like and differing viewpoints and is “in love with Batman, Rorschach, and her sig O Doug Clark.” Jobe lives with Doug and her wonderful Aspergian son, Jack.





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