Lewis “Louie the Kid” Land grew up in rural central Pennsylvania and graduated Susquehanna University with a BA in Creative Writing. His emphasis as a writer is fiction and he recently read and recommends Rick Bass’s collection The Lives of Rocks. He enjoys how the book is “reserved and quiet, both in its prose and its subject matter.” 


The Kid’s dream dinner party would be a collection of guitarists wherein Eric Clapton, John Mayer, Pat Metheny, John Scofield and Joe Bonamassa would sit with him to discuss music. While there are plenty of folks the Kid admires more than some of these people, they’re a collection of his favorite artists and he does admire them. After dinner, all six would unpack their guitars and jam as long as possible.


The Kid’s primary influences as a writer are Ernest Hemingway, Cormac McCarthy, Tom Bailey, Stuart Dybek, Tim O’Brien, Rick Bass, and J.D. Salinger. The Kid’s favorite piece at the moment is Ernest Hemingway’s novel The Sun Also Rises. He does not know if he could pick a single short story as a favorite.


Louie cannot really remember the reason he began writing because he cannot remember a time when he was not writing in some form.


As a musician and guitarist himself Louie has a hard time pinning down his favorite musician, but loves blues and blues/rock and jazz. On the blues and blues/rock side his favorite is Eric Clapton and on the jazz side it’s Pat Metheny.


Outside of the literary world Louie works at the UCA Writing Center. He has worked in Residence Life at another University as well, as student and paraprofessional staff.  Louie loves getting together with groups of musicians and jamming or shooting the breeze about great music over a few beers (or just shooting the breeze to great music over a few beers). Aside from these interests, Louie enjoys cropping his face out of photographs using Photoshop.


As for future plans, Louie’s end goal is to teach creative writing at the university level. His current project is creating material for a short story collection. Right now he is simply writing stories and organizing them in his head to see how they fit together. On the other hand, Louie is trying to start a blues/funk/jazz band where he can work on some tunes, jam, and find an outlet for improvisation.

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